Guatemala Mission Trip 2022


November 20–27, 2022


Antigua Guatemala


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A place full of color and culture, Antigua Guatemala attracts many tourists from around the world. But few who visit ever see the need that exists in the communities around them. Poverty and lack of employment have increased significantly (nearly 35 percent) over the past three years. As such, these communities do not have access to quality medical care or education. 

However, even in the midst of this crisis, the precious people in these communities have an earnest desire to learn more about Christ. That's why Amazing Facts Latino and AFCOE are planning evangelistic and mission work in November!

Most Sabbath-keeping churches in the region do not have a place to meet. Home churches are common, but this limits the number of people who can attend worship. Amazing Facts Latino and AFCOE graduates will help these communities by providing health clinics with medical staff and other needs, while also presenting prophecy seminars in the region. Pastor Doug will be meeting with pastors for training on November 22 and 23 and then speaking on November 24, 25, and 26 for a GYC meeting in a big tent that seats 1,500.

Sabbath-keeping pastors in Guatemala are fervent workers for the Lord, and their desire to grow in the work is great, but economic limitations prevent them from receiving the evangelism training they need to be effective shepherds. That’s why we’ll also be providing pastors with effective tools to share the gospel. About 150 pastors from all over Guatemala will come and receive evangelism training that will be a blessing for their churches and communities.

If you wish to be a part of our support team, please do not hesitate to sign up! We are certain that it will be a blessing for you, as there is no greater joy than seeing others come to know Christ!

If you are unable to go but wish to support this mission project with a gift, please click here. 

We will be helping to build one church in an area that does not have a place to meet, worship, and/or fellowship together. The scarcity of resources in the area has prevented believers dedicated to evangelism from starting their own church construction.

We will be conducting health seminars across four days in some communities in the area; many people do not have access to all medical care.

We will also present VBS for children of different ages.


November 20: Arrival International Airport in Guatemala Aurora (GUA).

November 21-24: (Monday to Thursday) 4 Work Days / Construction, VBS, Dental/Health

November, 25 (site seeing local area) We will visit some relevant places in the area.

November 26: Worship with local church members and GYC Guatemala in Sabbath Revival series

November 27: Departure from the International Airport in Guatemala Aurora (GUA)

NOTE: If you arrive in Guatemala prior to Sunday, November 20th, then you are responsible for your own lodging, meals, and transportation.

Transportation to and from airport, hotel, and outreach sites will be provided.


  1. Passport required.

  2. Passengers who are Guatemalan citizens, foreign nationals, residents, accredited diplomats, or airline crew members whose final destination is Guatemala must now present only one of the following:

    • For all travelers 10 years of age and older: proof of a negative COVID-19 antigen or PCR test from a certified laboratory performed no more than three (3) days prior to check-in at the airport or upon arrival at the land border.


    • For all travelers 12 years of age or older: evidence of having received a full course of two-dose COVID-19 vaccination (or one dose for Johnson & Johnson), with the final dose administered at least two weeks prior to the start of travel to Guatemala.
  1. Printed hotel information (we will provide)

  2. Letter of invitation from the Conference (we will provide)

Updated COVID-19 Requirements for Air Passengers Traveling to the USA: Effective June 12, 2022, a negative COVID-19 test will no longer be required for all travelers to the United States. Vaccination requirements for travelers who are non-immigrants and non-U.S. citizens remain in effect. For more information, visit the CDC website.   

Check online for the recommended vaccines and medicine list. Consider visiting your doctor four to six weeks before the trip for any further medical advice and treatment.


Guatemala City


Primarily Spanish, with some local dialects

Roman Catholic, 50%; Protestant, 37%; Atheism, Agnosticism, or irreligion, 11%; other, 2%

Guatemala has a tropical and sub-tropical climate but varies by altitude; in fact, in areas of the plateau, between 800 and 1,600 meters above sea level, where the main population centers of the country are, the climate is temperate throughout the year, with average minimum temperatures ranging between 12°C and 16°C, and average maximum temperatures between 29°C and 22°C; rains are concentrated in the months between May and October, while the dry season is from November to April; in these areas, average annual rainfall is around 1,300 mm.

1 U.S. Dollar = 7.75 Guatemalan Quetzal

Supply voltage is 120V.

Guatemala is one hour ahead of Pacific Time.

Drink only unopened bottled water or other drinks unless you confirm that it is purified.

Casa del Tejido Antiguo means house of the ancient weavings. This museum is dedicated to the historic textiles of Guatemala.

Cerro de la Cruz offers phenomenal views of Antigua, which was founded in 1543. There’s no cost to visit, and it’s accessible by vehicle or by an arduous climb—330 steps from the city’s northern edge.

With ornate stonework and majestic columns, El Carmen was a lavish Catholic church in Santiago de los Caballeros de Guatemala.

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